Contact/Separation Arrives!

I have received a small batch of copies of Contact/Separation from the guys at PEER in Amsterdam. I'm really pleased about the way it's turned out and it's gratifying to see a positive result come out of a pretty difficult period of my life. 

I'm now able to look back and realise just how cathartic the writing process was for me and after re reading the piece in print it's amazing to feel how I've been able to grow and move on from that time. In terms of the story, things didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to at the time (no spoilers here) but the final outcome was still positive one: I was able to think about my past in fine detail and I was able to think about photography in a new way, which can't be a bad thing at all. 

I've put the copies on my Store, and the precedes will all be going to Cancer Research UK, so please, pick one up, they're only a few quid, it's an interesting read and you're supporting a great cause. 

Mega thanks go to Joe and Kala at PEER, my good friend Nicola Benford for hooking us up, and my nearest and dearest Imogen for a serious amount of editorial help.