Liam Paton - Union No1 album cover


I've been sitting on this project for a short while but I'm really please to announce the release of Union No1 by the award winning British composer Liam Paton.

Liam approached me a few months ago asking to use some of my images for the cover of his first album. I've always wanted to have my work used for music releases and as Liam's music is so beautiful, I was happy to jump on board. I love the design of the cover and think the photograph works perfectly placed. I'm looking forward to working with more musicians in the future!

Welcome to my Store!

After a quiet period feverously working away in the background, I've decided to set up a Store where you can now buy my prints and publications.

The first print is to go on sale is ingeniously titled "Church Inversion" and will be sold in two forms. The first is a smaller, black and white print, measuring 29 x 21cm which will be sold in an edition of 25. The second is a larger print in green measuring 36 x 26cm and is a Limited Edition print of only 10.  Both are digital c-type prints will be signed and numbered. 

The photograph was taken in Yorkshire on a Fuji GW690iii using Kodak Ektar 100, scanned and edited. 

I will also be selling a handful of remaining copies of Contact/Separation, my 2016 photo essay published by PEER in Amsterdam, and Keep Me Satisfied , the last couple of copies of in existence. All profits from Contact/Separation will go to Cancer Research UK. 


Major thanks go to the highly talented Benjamin Swanson for the stills. 


Contact/Separation Arrives!

I have received a small batch of copies of Contact/Separation from the guys at PEER in Amsterdam. I'm really pleased about the way it's turned out and it's gratifying to see a positive result come out of a pretty difficult period of my life. 

I'm now able to look back and realise just how cathartic the writing process was for me and after re reading the piece in print it's amazing to feel how I've been able to grow and move on from that time. In terms of the story, things didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to at the time (no spoilers here) but the final outcome was still positive one: I was able to think about my past in fine detail and I was able to think about photography in a new way, which can't be a bad thing at all. 

I've put the copies on my Store, and the precedes will all be going to Cancer Research UK, so please, pick one up, they're only a few quid, it's an interesting read and you're supporting a great cause. 

Mega thanks go to Joe and Kala at PEER, my good friend Nicola Benford for hooking us up, and my nearest and dearest Imogen for a serious amount of editorial help.


Dear Peer friends,

We would like to reach out to you! Over the last few months we’ve been working hard on the next issue of our magazine and it is a very promising issue filled with beautiful features. We are very excited to show you our hard work (and yours!) but we are short on our printing budget.


What are you pre-ordering?? Good question, this time you get not one but three booklets on the theme Notes!! One copy is €11. Are you new to our magazine? You can also order a package of issue 1, 2 & 3 for €27 instead of €33!! (more info on issue 1 & 2 can be found here)

Place your order via email or our webshop (see crowdfunding rules below for more info)

In total we need a pre-order count of 65 issues to cover our shortage in the printing costs. With your help this will be easy-peasy!!


Peer paper notes issue 3 comes in a triptych,- for this issue we created three booklets out of content loosely based on the theme notes. In an attempt to make something very private public, the artists & writers open up and share their thought process even more than in our previous issues.

To write notes is to take notice of the world and everything in it, your thoughts are still uncensored and everything is possible. Notes are a treasure pit of ideas, dreams and the start of new projects. Artists & writers like to keep them close, but now we get a peek into this world where the magic happens!


Booklet 1: Peer paper NOTES issue 3.
Filled with sketches, thoughts, works & ideas by the likes of Typex, Annemarie Vink, Jorieke Rottier, Antosh Wojcik, Susan Barnet, Laura Cnossen, Laura Linsi, Melissa Mabesoone, Andrew Ekins and Simone & Olivier! Cover image: by cartoonist Typex from his Notebook made during his research on Andy Warhol


Booklet 2: Contact/Separation by Patrick Sampson.
Weeks after the sudden death of his Mother in 2015, Sampson realised that two of the only photographs he ever took of her lay on two rolls of undeveloped film at his home. In this essay, Sampson transcribes his feelings and apprehensions towards seeing these images for the first time and uses the process to come to terms with her death. Cover image: Patrick Sampson, booklet made in collaboration with Kay Brugmans


Booklet 3: Conversations – June 2016 by Alina Lupu.
Over the course of two weeks at Peer, Lupu recorded a series of public conversations with art professionals where they spoke on the topic of “setting up” -- a situation, a show, a publication, a career. Their words merge into a single conversation throughout the booklet; browse them at will, from beginning-to-end or from any moment you like. Cover image: Annabelle Binnerts


The Crowdfunding Rules:

• the final day to pre-order is the 26th of September (this is also the last day of the exhibition ‘Notes’ at Peer)

• we need to sell a total of 65 copies to cover our shortage, if we sell 50 copies we will go ahead with the printing, if we do not pre-sell 50 copies everyone who bought their copy will get their money back

• one copy is €11,- if you want us to send you your copy by post we will add €3,95 postage for NL, €9,- for EU (we do not ship outside the EU, sorry!!!) Of course pick up is free!!

• the magazine will be sent to the printers on the 27th of September and will be launched and sent off to their rightful owners in the beginning of October

• email us with your order and shipping option + address and we will send you an invoice, all payments have to be made before the 27th of September. You can also place your order via our


PEER PAPER Issue 3 Crowdfunding

Peer Paper Platform are about to publish their third issue. They are putting up pre orders through crowdfunding in order to cover costs efficiently. PEER is a really great arts publication run by some absolute beauties so please take a look at: and grab a copy!

The more observant of you may notice that one of the features is a book by yours truly. It's a body of work I'm yet to even share on my website so I'm incredibly excited to have it out in the world!

Razoreater at the Boston Music Rooms

I photographed Razoreater at the Boston Music Rooms in May. Instead my usual short, sharp, shock style I tried out some colour gel/slow shutter combinations after having a look at Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" album cover. Click on the images to zoom in, these images hold hidden elements only visible under close inspection. The key is in the detail! 

All images © Patrick H. Sampson, 2016.

xRepentancex Last Show

I was given the privilege of photographing the final show of the seminal Vegan Straight Edge band xRepentancex, in Tunbridge Wells at the end of May. The band were short lived, playing shows for just 3 years, but they influenced countless people across the world to become Vegan, Straight Edge or both. The venue was absolutely packed for the last set and people had travelled from as far as the US and Australia just to see their swansong. 

Shooting them reminded me why I got into photography and of the buzz of shooting live shows. Clutching a camera and ducking windmills and spin kicks certainly keeps you on your toes! I'd like to thank my good friend John Olley for allowing me to shoot them on such an incredible occasion and wish the band the best of luck for their future endeavours.