Llyn Llydaw flight

Here's a clip of one of my first drone videos whilst hiking down the beautiful Snowdon in Wales last weekend. It was made above the Llyn Llyndaw lake on the Miners Trail. 

As a tester video I'm fairly pleased with it, height transitions seem to be smooth although I think I could have been more daring in swooping it down around the 1 minute mark. The left/right pans seem a little clunky, so either that's the way the drone works or (more likely) I need a little more practice to make it smoother. Lowering the camera angle at the end of the video was fairly smooth but could have been timed just a little earlier. I have to admit that taking the drone to the lower lake was an afterthought so I didn't really have a plan for the video at this point!

Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated; either drop a comment below, or drop me an email at patrick@patrickhsampson.com

Yorkshire, May 2017.

Last month I found myself at a rare loose end for a week, and so decided to fuel up the car, pack up my kit and head out on the road. 

After much research, I decided my destination was to be York. I spent the week shooting at a range of locations outside the city, and in some way lucked out with the weather; it was 20+ degrees all week. For my work being as it is though, this wasn't quite what I wanted. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to getting the films back, especially regarding a somewhat more conceptually driven project; but more of those images are to come in future months though.

As a bit of a traditionalist, the majority of the work was made using film, but there were times where having a decent DSLR was perfect for those photographs that aren't necessarily portfolio worthy, but are worth capturing anyway. 

Below are a selection of images that fit that bill exactly. *

Saddleworth Moor, 2017.

York Minster, 2017.

Valley of Desolation, 2017.

Route to Simon's Seat, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

*Yes I'm aware that these are essentially holiday snaps.