Yorkshire, May 2017.

Last month I found myself at a rare loose end for a week, and so decided to fuel up the car, pack up my kit and head out on the road. 

After much research, I decided my destination was to be York. I spent the week shooting at a range of locations outside the city, and in some way lucked out with the weather; it was 20+ degrees all week. For my work being as it is though, this wasn't quite what I wanted. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to getting the films back, especially regarding a somewhat more conceptually driven project; but more of those images are to come in future months though.

As a bit of a traditionalist, the majority of the work was made using film, but there were times where having a decent DSLR was perfect for those photographs that aren't necessarily portfolio worthy, but are worth capturing anyway. 

Below are a selection of images that fit that bill exactly. *

Saddleworth Moor, 2017.

York Minster, 2017.

Valley of Desolation, 2017.

Route to Simon's Seat, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

Fountains Abbey, 2017.

*Yes I'm aware that these are essentially holiday snaps.